Video description: A Tesla small rear drive unit being tested to over 100MPH using HSR Motors' Drive Unit Controller.


HSR Motors LLC was founded by Jason Hughes (aka: wk057) and others out of a mutual passion for electric vehicles and renewable energy related projects. Our combined skills have HSR Motors uniquely positioned to provide many different products and services, all of which have exceptional value.

We specialize in the refurbishing and repurposing of components from various electric vehicles. The most popular of which are the many variants of Drive Units from the Tesla Model S and Model X. At HSR, we have developed custom control systems that allow these units to be utilized for other projects outside of a Tesla vehicle, such as an electric vehicle conversion project, custom electric vehicle, or any other application where a high power density, high voltage, and fully integrated electric motor system would be useful.

Our approach is unique, as we keep the original Tesla hardware completely intact with no physical modifications to it. This ensures that you get the full efficiency, power, and features that these units are capable of providing. HSR Motors' propriety controller hardware allows the user to utilize commands for manipulating cruise control, torque limiting, power limiting, basic traction control, regenerative braking, and many additional settings to configure the system for your specific application.